Cake in a mug

Cake in a mug


  1. Inside a 250 ml (1 cup)-capacity coffee cup, combine the flour, sugar, cacao powder, and baking powder. Add some milk, oil, and vanilla.

  2. Having a fork, lightly stir before the batter will no longer have protuberances. Sprinkle using the choc chips.

  3. Prepare the wedding cake within the microwave for 45 seconds. Let awesome for 5-10 minutes to match the wedding cake to complete cooking.

If you wish to do more, triple or quadruple the recipe and mix the components inside a bowl. Then spread the mix into 3 or 4 cups or 125 ml ( cup) ramekins. Remember, you need to prepare the cakes one at a time within the microwave for uniform cooking.


This recipe is actually simple and easy , constitutes a great little chocolate cake once the craving hits. I give a tablespoon of Bailey’s Irish Cream (check it out with your personal favorite cream liqueur) that makes it really moist  tasty. Rather from the mug, I nuke it inside a 3.5” greased ramekin. Give a dollop of frozen treats on the top when it’s cooked to compensate for the possible lack of icing. Craving satisfied without 7 bits of cake leftover.

I didn't possess the oil needed, so rather I made use of a table spoon of butter melted to replace it all. i additionally put mine set for 75 seconds rather of 45 since it barely rose. i additionally added some chocolate syrup on the top although it cooled also it just put into the chocolate flavour. great

Mine switched out hard .

I did not have I did not have canola oil and so i used vegetable oil. I'm not sure whether it was the oil, however it wasn't sweet there wasn't much flavor. so, I melted some 50% chocolates chips and sizzles it on the top

This cake is scrumptious, spongy and moist . The only issue is it’s small! It barely filled the cup. I made use of just one cup slightly bigger compared to suggested.

Great recipe! It's my job to give a tablespoon of peanut butter rather from the chips! I prepare it for any minute!

A few simple changes made a big difference. I have egg beaters on hands. I substituted 1tbl of these for 1tbl from the milk. I additionally added a touch of salt. I did not possess the choc chips and so i drizzled a small little bit of choc syrup outrageous and marbled it having a tooth pick. Needed to prepare for 1 min. Switched out great. The initial recipe was good but lacked salt and "something". it had been egg.

This is actually the moistest cake inside a mug (or elsewhere!) that I have ever sampled. Super creamy and scrumptious. Just give a pinch of salt towards the recipe and it is spectacular!

Adopted the recipe except we simply had white-colored choc chips handy. Microwaved on high for just one minute, then let sit the suggested 5 mins also it arrived on the scene perfect and moist. Only factor I discovered, flavour was missing. Would add yet another tablespoons of of brown sugar, and perhaps basically was creating a couple of divide an egg together for a bit more richness. Great base recipe though.

This can be a wonderful recipe!! Moist, flavorful and tasty cake in the microwave!! Certainly the very best mug cake recipe I've ever made! I altered the recipe a little to improve flavorand dietary content. I made use of coconut oil and 1 1/2 tbsp . oat flour and 1 1 /2 tbsp . cake flour. These changes result in the cake sweeter therefore the second time I reduced brown sugar to at least one tbsp . also it was perfect!! A brand new family favorite!

Not wealthy enough, add egg, more sugar more cacao, big scoop of Nutella in middle and generous sprinkle of small eggs, prepare for 1min 30sec and it’s scrumptious!

It was scrumptious! The brown sugar put me lol. I made another a week ago this tops it 100%

Tastes good-searching might be more potent, but very good for any quick mug cake. Needed additional time in microwave for me personally.. wasn't cooked, still liquid. Needed about 1 min thirty seconds. My microwave is not old at all. Tasty though, particularly with icecream.

Oh I so needed a bit of chocolate cake which was perfect . Don't change a factor. Used to do have butterscotch frozen treats by using it but that’s ok lol.

Managed to get just as instructed within the recipe, except I did not possess the choc chips. Moist and scrumptious. The next time, I'll add yet another tablespoon cacao also it does indeed require the choc chips. Most likely will toast some walnuts and toss individuals in too. I will be having fun with this recipe for some time! It is the best "mug cake" recipe I have attempted yet.